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Offering 30+ Years of Experience for Tax Filing in Windsor

If you are a US citizen living and/or working in Canada or a Canadian working in the US, your tax return can be a complicated matter. As a Chartered Professional Accountant in Canada and a Registered Tax Preparer in the US, we are experienced and qualified to assist you in meeting your filing requirements.

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Don’t Worry

We have expertise in dealing with clients from across Canada and the US. Having to file in both countries does not necessarily mean that you will pay more taxes. There are a number of credits and exemptions that ensure that most of the double taxation is eliminated.

We provide information reporting, including the FBAR (financial bank accounting reporting).

We Can Help With US Taxes

If you are unsure of your US filing obligations and would like to discuss your situation, you can contact us to arrange an appointment.

Contact us at 519‑252‑1133 or at to arrange your appointment.

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